Near Earth Hub

A netrunner link hub

Ills. Kira L. Nguyen

NISEI's website that has their latest news, as well as information on how to access information on latest MWL and organized play policies

Play Netrunner online! New player friendly if you name your game "new player"

A site to build and search for decks, as well as a robust system for searching for cards.

Search for upcoming and completed tournaments. Includes the ability to link decks to NetrunnerDB as well. Syncs data with

A site for hosting tournaments. Has functionality for tracking swiss rounds and top cut.

Online cube drafting, including being able to create custom draft cubes

Statistics on tournament cardpools

Generate "sealed" packs for a different netrunner experience

Rebalanced cards from the first few years of the game. Has it's own version of NRDB and JNet

Community Resources

A huge community of awesome people talking about Netrunner and more.

New player focused Discord.

Discord used for organizing and coordinating online tournaments.

The biggest Netrunner group on Facebook. Netrunner news, discussions, and memes can be found here.

Netrunner subreddit, usefull for discussion and sharing news

One of the original forums for the community. Used to post news and upcoming events.

Project NISEI Cards

Project NISEI has storefronts in the links below on various print-on-demand providers. They also provide print and play files for those that want to print out cards at home.

Proxying Cards

Generate print and play files for cards. Also exports in a format you can upload and print through MPC


Large amount of information on how to play the game.

How to Videos


A repository of artist storefronts for fan made alt arts. Lots of great talent here

If you would like to support NISEI,

Text based game about Netrunner