Run Together 2023

Run Together is a yearly initiative/fundraiser to help get as many people to Netrunner Worlds as possible. We do this by helping people pay for flights and accommodations, as well as tickets to worlds. We accept applications from all around the globe, and want to help you attend the most fun weekend in Netrunner! Last year we were able to help out over 10 people attend the event, which was a huge success!

Our goal is to help people financially struggling to attend Worlds. 

This year Worlds is in Barcelona, Spain.

The Run Together 2023 Alt Art Pack

We have worked with some seriously talented people in the community to bring you a pack of alt arts, most of which are completely new and never before seen! 

How can I help? 

How can I get assistance? 

This form will ask you the amount of assistance you require, any logistical concerns, and some other information that will help us with the selection process.

You can apply for assistance by filling out this google form.

Apply to volunteer as staff at worlds.  NSG is offering 60 Euros a day for travel related expenses if you volunteer for one of the roles specified on this page.