Run Together Fundraiser

TLDR: Buy this pack of alt arts, fund people to go to Worlds!

Run Together is an initiative to get those without the financial means to get to NISEI's 2022 Worlds in October in Toronto. It is also a way to allow people to get duplicates of many deck "staples" and allow players to have multiple decks sleeved at the same time. I tried to curate a list of cards that can help out both startup and standard players.

My goal is to get 3 people to Worlds this year through this initiative, but if we can get more, I would like to get more! I want everyone to attend this event. Worlds is a big Netrunner party, and everyone should be able to attend.

Should I apply for help?
If you can not afford a trip at all, or are having a hard time spending money/time on this trip in a small amount, you can apply. The application will have a few questions for how much assistance you need.
Small amount of help: I need help paying for my worlds ticket, but can cover travel and hotel expenses.
Medium amount of help: I need assistance paying for hotel and a Worlds ticket
Full assistance: I need assistance for travel, hotel, and a Worlds ticket.

I will be asking for your consent before posting information about you anywhere on this page or anywhere else. You can remain anonymous throughout this entire process.

How can I help?
Buy the pack! All revenue from the pack that I receive will go towards getting people to worlds. If you would like to contribute more there will be a google form to fill out where you can do the following:
- Are you attending worlds alone but don't mind splitting a room? I will compile a list of people that can cover the hotel cost for them while letting another person stay with them.
- Carpooling: Are you driving to worlds? There may be applications from people that are from your area.
- I want to sponsor someone: For complexity reasons I will not be collecting donations through other sources. However I can connect people that want to help with those that need help.
- I want to help raise money for a specific person in my community: If you want to do this through another platform (gofundme or something similar). Reach out to me and I can add the link to that at the bottom of this page.

Application Notes
I expect to have many applicants for this initiative, and while I would like to help everyone, I expect I will have to make hard decisions. Here are some things I will be prioritizing*:
- Community moderators: Anyone that mods for the many community spaces for this wonderful game and need the help should be prioritized.
-Historically Excluded People will take priority. The tabletop community is disproportionately white and male, and I would like to help those in the community make Worlds a diverse place.
- I will be trying to balance a mixture of near and far applicants. It will obviously be easier to help a bunch of people within driving distance to go, however if we can also help people from other continents attend that would be amazing.
*Note: These are just some items I personally am prioritizing. I ask that if you need help at all please do so. I want to help everyone I can with this.

Some other things of note
- If you apply, you will be asked if you are comfortable sharing a room with someone else that is applying, or would you be more comfortable sharing a room with a friend that is attending worlds, but you need help splitting the hotel costs with them.

Drivethrucards link will be live on July 30th. If you are doing a bulk order, you can DM DanB#7564 to organize.

Sponsor an applicant (Coming soon)
DM DanB#7564 if interested

Financials. Here I will be posting regular updates to how much money we have raised.

DriveThruCards Funds:

I am thankful for all the talented artists that made this happen. This pack would not be what it was without 0thmxma, Bazza, Dropbear, Eniteris, Ezbior, Ginevra, Kalypso, Miniplural, NtscapeNavigator, PouchSurfer, RecklessKat, Sanjay, Scott Uminga, ShipmentOfHeadcrabs, Simili, MetaMatik, Pommes and Tso. Thank you all for your contributions!

Many of the artists that contributed have their own storefronts.
If you like the bundle feel free to check them out.