US East Coast Nationals

Redcap’s Corner has been selected to run one of the Netrunner US National Championships this year on July 29th and 30th. Details on the event can be found on alwaysberunning here.
Saturday, July 29th will be the Standard main event Swiss rounds. Sunday, July 30th will be the top cut for the main event, as well as a Startup side tournament for those that did not make the cut. More information on Netrunner formats can be found here. The Tournament Organizers are also running a mentorship program for those that have not played in a while, are new to the Standard Format, or if this is your first tournament.

Prize support for the event will be provided by Null Signal Games, and is as follows:

Along with the official prize support, there will also be additional prizes yet to be announced for those that participate in the startup tournament, and for those that are able to accomplish various achievements.

Finally, anyone that purchases a ticket before June 30th will receive a yet-to-be-announced community alt art made just for the event. 

We are excited to help facilitate a program for people that are new the Standard format, new to the tournament scene, or have been away from the game for a significant amount of time to be able to pair people up to help them before the event. If you would like some help in building decks, testing matchups, or understanding the cardpool before the tournament, sign up to find a mentor here.

If you are interested in building the community and want to become a mentor, there is a form for you as well! Being a mentor is a rewarding experience, and helps grow this game that we all love


The Achievement list for US Nationals is coming soon